Tips To Consider When Installing A Garage Door Hawthorne Bottom Seal

Most people do not appreciate the importance of a garage  door Hawthorne bottom  seal until something goes wrong with it. Just try to think about your garage and what you keep in there and what would happen in case there was a heavy downpour or blocked drain the hard standing outside the garage.

This will not happen if you install a garage door Hawthorne bottom seal. Bottom seals are usually available in hardware stores and is a bargain to have if you are weatherizing to save money on energy costs. The seals are also very easy to install.

All you need to get the job done is a nail puller, pencil, a hammer, some wood nails, scissors, a sheet metal, a few screws, a sheet metal and some galvanized roofing nails. The good news is that most of the door seals usually come with packaged kits meaning that there is no need to buy extra nails or screws.

When installing the door seal, raise the door some feet off the ground. The opener should stay tightly in the place where you put it. If it does not, lock it in position with a C-clamp or locking pliers attached to the track.

You also need to measure the height so that you will know the size of the garage door bottom seal needed. Most of the doors usually measure about 9-15 feet.

If the old seals are hammered tightly with a nail, remove the nails using a nail remover or the back of the hammer. After removing the old seals from the door, start cleaning, priming and repainting the bottom of your garage door. This will seal out the moisture hence ensuring long use of the garage door.

From one side of the wall, hammer in nails or screws on the seal. Always remember that the larger edge should be outside and the flatter part in the middle of the door. Use a scissor to strip off any excess leftovers.