The Top Reasons To Leave Garage Door Installation To The Hawthorne Pros

If you are the type of person who enjoys doing DIY projects around your home, you may be tempted to try to install a new garage door for your home. In most cases, however, garage door installation is something that should be handled by a professional.

Installing a garage door can be quite dangerous. There are a lot of things that can go wrong during the installation process – many of which have extremely dire consequences. Over the years, a surprising number of people have suffered serious injuries including the loss of limbs while working on garage doors. In some cases, people have even died.

It is easy to understand how these types of accidents could occur when you consider how garage doors are constructed. They usually consist of heavy panels that are raised up overhead. If these panels slip during the installation process or if they are installed improperly, they can not only cause property damage but they can also injure anyone who happens to be in the area.

Garage door springs are also responsible for a surprising number of injuries. The springs themselves are under a lot of tension. If they slip or break, they can strike with a lot of force, doing severe damage in the process.

What it really boils down to is that DIY garage door installation is generally not worth the risk. It makes a lot more sense to hire a professional who has the proper training and tools to do the job safely.

The cost of installation is negligible – especially when you consider that it could prevent a serious accident from occurring. Best of all, when your garage door has been professionally installed, you are far less likely to experience problems or malfunctions further down the road, helping to ensure that your door continues working smoothly for many years to come.